Lost in LAX

We’re going to start from the beginning. The journal I kept on my second trip to Guatemala in my teens to go visit my past exchange student. Unedited. Well, slightly edited to protect certain people and places.

The first entry is from my flights to Guatemala and my first day there.  Feel free to point and laugh. Keep in mind that I was young and naive. I got better with age. Much better.

June 19th

Location: Flight 123

So I got on the plane all by myself, at gate N6. That’s pretty awesome. And I was bumped up to Economy Plus seating (12A) and I have no idea why. Oh well, it means more leg room. So when I checked my luggage I had to put 9 pounds from my checked bag into my carry-on. Lame.

I distinctly remember this moment, I was so embarrassed having to open up my over-sized suitcase in the middle of the airport. 

The beverage cart just went by, but I don’t know if I want anything. Probably not. Well I got water, I suppose I should stay hydrated. Right now I’m listening to my mp3 player (Song: Oy Oy Oy by Glukoza), oh well now it’s White Flag by Dido. And noooow it’s Shores of Russia by Vitas. I ❤ Vitas. So I’ve passed over a lot of mountains and lakes. Washington has ears! Oh by the way, the plane is a B757.

I still listen to all those songs. Yes, I did physically write out “<3” in my journal. And ears. Inside joke. But loosely translated, it means cute.

Los Angeles International Airport

Location: LAX Terminal 7 Gate 70B

I’m bored out of my skull. I’ve been on the phone for ages. But now I’m just sitting here hoping someone will talk to me. And let’s not forget my escapade of going ALL the way around LAX to get to the right place. LAWLZ.

I wrote “LAWLZ”. No I’m not proud. I did end up walking the complete circumference of the airport. From Terminal 7 to Terminal 7. Everyone I asked pointed me in the wrong direction. You wouldn’t think it’d be that hard to find the international terminal in an international airport. Once I did find the international terminal, I was turned back to my starting point. My flight ended up leaving from the same terminal I arrived at.

Location: LAX T7 Gate 74

So my gate changed, blah. Now my flight to Guate is delayed. It’s delayed an hour because they’re doing a hangar test or something, which makes me nervous. Anyway, the big thing is that I met Mike. He was on a return trip from 13 months in New Zealand, which sounded awesome. He was a nerd/geek, a swimmer and overall very nice. Kept me company after I got tired of talking on the phone for 4 hours.

So my flight was supposed to be leaving right but it’s not. I’m so boooored. And a little hungry. I had a fruit bowl earlier from Starbucks, which I went to with Mike.

Yes I had an airport crush. What, like you haven’t?

I can’t wait to see Jocy! I hope she doesn’t mind the flight being late. I’m so boooooooored. My flight is now due to leave at 11:55 pm.

Ahhh, the teenaged years. Such complaining.

Did you keep a journal or diary in the past? Do you consider your blog a journal?


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