Twitter Causes Selective News Consumption

A few days ago my husband was reading the news online. He asked me,”Have you heard about what’s going on in the Suez Canal?” “Nope,” I said. After no further comments from him, I continued working on editing some photos. A few minutes passed. “Did you hear that Zuckerberg’s Facebook got hacked?” He asked. “Oh yeah! I did hear about that!” I exclaimed. A couple of seconds later I realized how bad that was. In my defense, Twitter is my news source. At that point there wasn’t a ton of chatter about Egypt yet, but there was a lot about the hacking. So there. – Shifting to my Guatemala travel journal, I’d like to give you some background. A long, long time ago I had an exchange student live with me from Guate. We clicked, we clicked really well. Since that time I have visited her twice in Guate, but I haven’t seen her since the last time. Which was quite awhile ago. I miss her, I do. Recording the journal on my blog is a way to relive the sappy memories I have had with her and her family.

June 20th Location: Jocy’s Room Ok, so my flight last night finally left around midnight, although it was scheduled to leave around 10:55pm. Anyway, the flight a bit of bad turbulence, but it was ok. I kept my window closed most of the time and tried to sleep, but I had gum in my mouth the entire time because of the really annoying pressure changes on that flight. The girl I sat next too on the plane was really nice. She was Guatemalan, but she spoke perfect English because she lived in Flagstaff for 6 years. She was about the same age and we talked a little on the plane. She guided me through the Guate airport as well, which was under construction. I finally found Jocelyn & her dad at the airport outside and we loaded up to go home. The plane landed at 5:30am, Guate time (1 hr ahead).

Coming into the Guatemala City airport.

We got home and unpacked some. I gave a few gifts. We ate breakfast of frijoles y huevos con cebollas (beans and eggs with onions). Then we hung around some more. We left in Jocelyn’s car (pink jeep). So anyway, as we were driving and the big truck in front of us drove over a piece of the median and caused a piece of brick to roll in the roadway right in front of us and so we had to run over it, happened too fast. Well the back left tire exploded so we had to pull over on a less-than-optimal road to change the tire. It was interesting to say the least. But I learned how to change a tire!

Mind you at this point I had been awake since early morning the day before. As much fun as blowing a tire out was, it wasn’t the ideal way to start my visit.

Anyway, we picked up J.A. (Jocy’s bf) from his college and then we drove over to Jocy’s so she could go to swimming class. So J.A. and I went to the computer lab and I wrote a lot of e-mails and such. Then we 3 drove home and ate lunch. I love their bread, it’s so yummy. We had caldo de papas (potato soup, more or less), with rice and aguacates tambien (avocados too). Then we went to see a movie at Miraflores with J.A.’s family—they were all really nice. Anyway, the theater was GINORMOUS! Like, the biggest screen ever. And the entire movie was in Spanish, no subtitles. I understood most of it. Then we had popsicles, etc. and came home. I showered & watched the last half of Liar, Liar.

I dream about their bread. It’s this specific type of white roll that is so soft and absorbent. Excellent for eating with soup and refried beans. Get this, they don’t make their own bread. Most families got to the bakery and buy their bread. Not even the grocery store!

At the movie theater I was falling asleep, I had been awake for about 40 hours then. 40! With only 1 cup of coffee! If I had just been with Jocy I would have slept. But being with her boyfriend’s family, who were really kind to me, I knew I would offend them if I did. So I concentrated on just understanding the movie, but man, that was torture. I still have never seen a movie screen as big as that one. It was excessive, to say the least.


One thought on “Twitter Causes Selective News Consumption

  1. E says:

    That lack of sleep can be killer. I did the same thing when I visited Costa Rica. There was a soccer game that night after I arrived. Sleeping wasn’t really an option.

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