Wrong Numbers

Today a tweet from @hpitlick of Vegtastic reminded me of some incidents with my phone number.

When I got my first cell phone, obviously I had a new number. I ended up getting quite a few calls for a guy named Rick who lived in the Midwest who sells cars. The people who were calling for him also lived in the Midwest, meaning they sometimes called me a lot earlier in the morning on a Saturday than most people wake up. 7am Saturday >9am Saturday

Many years later, I received a call from a woman. It went like this:

Me: Hello?

Woman: Hello? Hi! Um…I was just wondering who you were?

Me: Uh, well, this is Carolyn.

Woman: Do I know you? What number is this?

Me: I don’t think so…*give her my number*

Woman: Well I just picked up my phone and heard it ringing on the other end.

Me: I didn’t call you, you called me.

Woman: How strange…is this a landline? I’m on a landline.

Me: Nope, cell phone. What’s your number?

Woman: *gives me her number*

Me: …That’s only 2 digits off of my number.

Woman: Huh…maybe something got crossed in lines?

Me: …Sure. I have to go now.

Woman: Oh ok! I’ll call the phone company and see what’s wrong.

Me: Alright, nice to meet you. Buh-bye.

Woman: Bye!

The kicker to this whole conversation? A few months later the exact same thing happened. Same incident. Same conversation. She didn’t seem to realize that this happened before. I need to save her number and label it with a warning.

My last phone story is the time I called my friend. I went into my contacts list, pressed enter. Ring, ring ring! A man answered the phone. I asked for my friend. He said I had the wrong number. I told him that on my phone screen it said it was my friend (I thought my friend was playing a joke on me). But no luck. It really was the wrong number. Now that I believe was the fault of some crossed wires, or whatever cell phones use. Invisible air wires.

P.S. Don’t you love the people who call you back more than twice to verify that it’s the wrong number? If the person calls more than twice in a row, I’m not going to answer. They can figure it out.


2 thoughts on “Wrong Numbers

  1. E says:

    I think it’s crazy that kind of thing happens. I had someone call me a few months ago about some sort of order. The woman didn’t believe me when I said I knew nothing about it. Why would I lie???

  2. Aunt Lex says:

    This happened to me many years ago before cell phones. Only I was the one placing the call. The first time, I thought I dialed wrong. The second time, I knew I dialed it correctly. The third time, I had someone else dial it. The thing was, the number that answered was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NUMBER! Not the number I dialed at all. Different area code Somewhere in Louisiana, I think. I called the operator, had her dial it. SAME THING! Had to wait a couple hours before it worked correctly.

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