Plátanos Fritos, Slightly Burnt

Continuing through my Guatemala travel journal.

Date: June 21st:

We woke up this morning around 9am. I finally slept, I’m so happy! I didn’t sleep for 40+ hours. We went downstairs and at breakfast, eggs with a tomato-based sauce, toast, frijoles, and platanos with sugar.

Then I went upstairs and straightened my hair while Jocy cleaned. Then she organized my clothes and things (she’s such a clean person), made the beds, and took a shower (where she is right now). I feel so clean here. Everything in the house is organized–thanks to Jocy, jaja.

When Jocy lived with me, she kept our room so clean and she made the beds every day. I’m pretty sure I don’t know anyone cleaner.

A highway in Guatemala, I can't say that motorcycle driving down the line is brilliant.

So we went to Jocy’s college again and while she was swimming, J.A. and I went to the lab again. Then we got helado (ice cream) at Pollo Campero (McDonald’s equivalent). Went home and ate noodles and meat. Niela (Jocy’s 3 or 4 year old cousin) looked through a magazine with me and pointed out all the make-up and jewelry, teaching me the Spanish names for things. It was cute.

Ahhhh, Pollo Campero. They have them in U.S. too, just nowhere near me. We ate pretty often there on trips in Guate. It was most fried chicken, black beans, rice, and tortillas. It’s a weird place, it’s like fast food, but if you sit at a table they’ll serve you there too. I always liked it because the bathrooms were nicer than most public places. It’s the small things.

Then we went to a gas station to drop Tia (Jocy’s abuela), they bought me a grasshopper made from thick grass. I ❤ it. Then we went grocery shopping at 2 places. The first was Hiper Pais–I’ve been there before on the first trip. Then we went home and ate sandwiches while unpacking all of the groceries. J.A. was with us, and he did impressions of Niela. She always asks a bajillion questions, it’s better to not make conversation with her.

J.A. left and Jocy and I made platanos. They were slightly burnt because Jocy never makes them alone, Tia always does it. Then we went upstairs and talked about National Geographic. Now she is sleeping, I should go wake her up. No siesta today, tomorrow we’re going to the beach!

Niela. That child never quit. She loved talking to me. Probably because my grammar abilities were on par with hers.

Raw, sliced platanos.

Platanos were one of my most favorite, favorite, favorite foods in Guatemala. Fried them up in oil and serve with crema and sugar. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack. It’s all good. I’ve tried making them at home, but it still never comes out like the ones there. Ah well.

Platanos Fritos, slightly burnt.


2 thoughts on “Plátanos Fritos, Slightly Burnt

  1. OMG Pollo Campero was huge in El Salvador as well. And at the time I was there we didn’t have them in the US so people would carry buckets of their chicken onto the plane with them to bring back to the States. The whole plane would smell like fried chicken. But it was damn good.

  2. Aunt Lex says:

    You know, your Uncle Jes fries platanos too, only he does his with salt instead of sweet. Maybe I can talk him into trying them sweet for a change.

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