Why do You Have a Blog?

How many times have you asked yourself that? How many times have you considered deleting your blog? How many times have you really put thought into the direction and niche of your blog?

I’m not a food blogger, though I like to share recipes. I’m not a mommy blogger, because I’m not a mom. I’m not a deal or money blog, because I’m not an expert.

I’m a memoirist (a la Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife). I treat my blog as a public journal, if you will. One that I purposefully post publically so as to share with family, friends, and passersby. A blog used to meet other bloggers and to find dialogues and experiences I might not otherwise encounter. It’s a channel of communication that I enjoy keeping open.

It means I don’t concern myself with Google Analytics, sidebar ads, or reviews. If I wish to review something, it’s because it’s a product I think is smack-dab-awesome. If a company approaches me to review their product and it falls under the smack-dab-awesome category, then I’ll share it with those who read my blog.

If I had a great weekend in the San Juan Islands, I’ll share that on my blog. It means I can share all of my stories with those I love that I don’t see often. Stories that they might not otherwise hear.

Ultimately, this  is a place of record. An online book that I can flip through and enjoy the memories and anecdotes I scribbled in digital ink.

I will not feel guilt for a dry spell in posting. I will not feel pressure to increase my readership. I will treat my blog as a personal newspaper to share with family, a journal to record rememberies (totally a word), and a means by which I meet others with similar interests.

Why do you have a blog?


2 thoughts on “Why do You Have a Blog?

  1. E says:

    Pretty much ditto on everything you said here. Sometimes I definitely feel pressure (mostly internally) to make my blog into something more, with an actual direction. But that’s not why started it and I don’t really want it to change. Thanks for reminding me that I don’t need it to.

  2. Jen says:

    I feel the same way about my blog as you do. Just a simple online journal that I don’t mind sharing with the world.

    I would love to make money off of it, but that’s not my main goal. It’s simple to remind myself on my HIGHS and LOWS in life.

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