My Current Go-To Meal

Recently I found frozen cheap Alaskan Pink Salmon at Grocery Outlet (despite the numerous unappetizing and expired things they have there, often times you can score some great items, like the salmon). Each 4 oz. portion is individually frozen and there are 4 in a bag (for $4.99).

The outlet also had these nifty 2 serving bags of seasoned brown rice and ‘shrooms for .99 each (granted these are not the most healthy bags ‘o rice, but they actually have a short ingredient list, the brand escapes me now) and bottles of this great Spectrum Cuban Mojo grill sauce for $1.50.

So here’s how my non-recipe dinner went down.

1. Defrost 2 portions of fish.

2. Drizzle each portion with grill sauce on a baking sheet. Broil for ~8-15 minutes, depending on how hot your broiler is.

3. Microwave the rice for a  minute-thirty.

4. Serve salmon over rice in a bowl with more sauce drizzled on top.

Total time elapsed: 20 minutes

Total cost/serving: ~$2

Such a cheap meal! All of the items I bought also had an expiration date that was at least several months away. So there.

Now you could replicate this easily, and since you might not have this particular rice, you could also cook rice ahead.

For greens I added some sauteed broccoli too.

I’m such a Grocery Outlet advocate. I am not an advocate of the giant metal cans of cheese sauce they sell that expired last year.

No, I just love the cheap cheese (11 oz. log of Chavrie for $1.99!), great deals on wine, random products (like 10 oz. Naked Strawberry-Banana Puree for .89 each), and cheap ice cream (even specialty brands)! It’s the Goodwill of grocery stores.

You just sacrifice variety, consistency (a product that is there one day might be gone the next), and you have to check the expiration dates (which you should do everywhere anyway).

It’s definitely not a good place for fresh products (occasionally there’s something interesting though, like fresh, unshelled chickpeas) or regular grocery shopping, but it is a good place to go to once or twice a month to buy cheap goat cheese and wine.

P.S. The one I go to consistently has the big jars of Nutella for $3-4. Yes please!


The tiny print: Cuban Mojo Photo from the Spectrum website. Chavrie photo from the Chavrie website. I have no affiliation with these companies or Grocery Outlet.


2 thoughts on “My Current Go-To Meal

  1. Linda says:

    I don’t go there all the time but I do love to go and find good deals. You have to be picky but you can find some real winners!

  2. Stevie says:

    I love Grocery Outlet, too! I always come with awesome finds when I go. That grilling sauce sounds delish.

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