2011 is the Year of the Pie

Last night at open gym at my aerial studio I think I overworked my forearms a little too much—to the point where they were rock hard to the touch. It’s happened once before, but this time it was more apparent. They’re back to their soft, squishy selves again, but last night they were screaming.

Not entirely sure what I did, but they were obviously swollen and irritated, though it made my forearm veins pop out, which makes me look beastly. As beastly as a non-beastly person can look anyway.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that pie is the new cupcake. You probably think so too unless you’ve been living under a rock. Remember when cupcakes were all the rage? Remember when it seemed like there was a cupcake place around every corner? Cupcakes are great, and my heart is with Cupcake Royale. I will continue to visit them for their salted caramel, peppermint patty, and lemon drop cupcakes.

But 2011 is the year of the pie. Macarons are out. Cupcakes are out. It’s pie. Sweet, savory, it’s all coming back. In Seattle there are several new pie joints popping up. Some have already been around for a couple years, but are gaining newfound popularity.

In Fremont there’s Pie. They sell personal-sized and mini-pies of a wide variety. The typical: pecan, apple, key lime and cherry. The atypical: maple cream with blueberries and bacon and root veggie with goat cheese. The also have a “Pi” happy hour, from 2-3:14pm when they sell certain pies for $3.14. Cute, right?

Then there’s High 5 Pie in Capitol Hill. They have a rather wide variety of pie options, from Petit-5 to deep dish to Piepops (pie lollipops). They have rotating flavors too, like s’mores, sweet potato, and cherry almond.

In West Seattle is Shoofly Pie Co. who has an impressive list of flavors, but their star is the Shoofly Pie, naturally. It’s a dark molasses pie that I have yet to try, but it sounds interesting. They sell hand made butter dough as well, for the pie dough-challenged.

But the real winner is The Piecycle. The guy who started this is a genius. It’s a late-night pie delivery service via bike. It’s 2am. You want pie. Text Mr. Piecycle your address and what you want. He comes a-knocking with your $3 slice of pie or $20 whole pie. Different pies every weekend, fresh, 9:30pm-3am Friday-Saturday in the U-District. How I wish I lived in the U-District.

There are many more, like Seattle Pie Company in Magnolia and Pies and Pints in Roosevelt. Hand pies, jar pies, piepops, pie fries, mini-pies, and deep dish pies are being pulled out of ovens all over the place. Long live the year of the pie!

Sourced from High5

My only problem is that none of the pie places I have tried have great crust. It’s either too thin, too soggy, too bland, too thick, or too dry. We’ll see if anyone takes the cake with their pie crust this year.

2012? I say molten cakes a la Hot Cakes (who happens to sell pocket pies too, fancy that). Or truffles. Truffles would do well in my neighborhood.



One thought on “2011 is the Year of the Pie

  1. E says:

    I’m actually not the biggest fan of pie. I think it is really because of the crust. It’s just not flavorful enough. I might as well just eat the filling.

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