Prince Charming

Remember the baby llama? The sweet, fluffy little baby llama that had an overprotective, aggressive mother?

Mama Llama and baby Prince Charming


Well I went to go visit him last weekend. Yes, we drove 3 hours across the mountain pass to go visit a baby llama. (Actually it was just a visit to say hi and pick up some ski gear we stashed in their shed.)

But the llama. His name is Prince Charming (changed from Cinderella, as she is apparently a he), and he lives up to his name. He’s much bigger than he used to be, but still smaller than an adult llama. His fur is very soft and incredibly thick. My MIL sheared him a while ago and sent the wool off to be washed, with plans to spin it.

Takin’ my llama for a walk.

Mama Llama has since migrated to a sheep farm since we last saw baby llama, so the little one has become much more friendly. He even goes on daily walks, sometimes off-leash!

He’ll follow you around the yard, eating bushes and greens since he never gets to eat in the pasture. The cow butts him out of the way so she (cow) and the sheep eat first. Even the chickens pick at him. Poor guy.

Mean cow and the sheep that thinks it’s a cow.

When you take him out of the pen, he’ll snuggle right up. He’ll try to give you kisses with his long llama lips and lower his neck to put his head on your chest. So sweet.

After our stop at the farm, Caleb and I went skiing at Steven’s Pass. I have greatly improved my skiing skills, since I’ve cumulatively skied 4 days in my life. Caleb didn’t even let me start on the green runs, he took me straight up to the blues. For those that don’t know, ski runs go from green -> blue -> black diamond -> double black diamond in difficulty.

I stole a pair of skis from my brother-in-law that were much better than the skis I used the first time I went skiing. A noticeable difference, for sure.

Since returning from our little trip, my office rearranged all the desks and where different teams sit. I liked my old desk, but now I’m in a nice corner with a nice wide view of the windows.

Last night I had aerial dance class. We were split into 3 groups and given 4 random cards with tricks on them. Our task was to string them together, adding more tricks where needed, to make a sequence. It was entertaining. My group also ended up with the Monkey Climb on one of our cards, which is about the least graceful climb. I never see anyone do it. It looks like this.

Anyway, that’s about it for me. But just for fun, here are a few recipes from a recipe book I found at the in-law’s:

Squirrel, raccoon, and rabbit. Tasty, no? This came from the same book with pictures explaining how to skin a deer by securing the skin to a vehicle and pulling it off by driving forward. I’ll spare you.

**For the record, they don’t actually consume coon or squirrel.


2 thoughts on “Prince Charming

  1. debbie says:

    I think I’d drive 3 hours to see that cutie!

  2. Kim Calvi says:

    He is like the best llama ever and today I hear he is in search of a NEW permanent Home?! How can this be? Why can’t he go to China with THEM? Suggested to Ruth maybe YOU had room for him? Naaaahh, I knew it was a long shot;)

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