My Battle Wound

I went skiing again, bringing my cumulative days I have ever skied to 6 over 3 years. I’ve been skiing blue runs since day 3! All under the tutelage of my dear patient husband and his brother.

We went up last Tuesday, to Crystal Mt. It was the first time Caleb and I had ever been there. Since it was a Tuesday at an odd point in the season, there was nobody there. Really. And gosh darn it that place is huge.

I picked up a pair of rented poles, since I forgot mine. I’m not cool like Caleb who skis without poles.

After averting the crisis of the forgotten poles, I did really well. Hardly fell, save for my extraordinary wipe out near the end of the day. Oh it was glorious. I came around a curve on the Downhill blue run, and as I merged with another run the snow changed texture quite a bit. I didn’t know how to handle it and as I was coming out onto the next run I did a spectacular skidding face plant. I lost a ski a ways back and both my poles.

I sat up, a little disoriented. No one was around, like I said, no one was there that day. Then a guy on skis came over the crest of the hill. He stopped by my ski that was farther away and asked if I was ok then he said, “That’s quite a distance.” Referencing how far my ski was from where I now stood. “Yep.” I said. Then he kept skiing.

This seems to me to have been extraordinarily rude, since I was in the middle of a run, with no skis on my feet, no poles, and my goggles hanging around my neck. And I had to hike in my boots to get my other ski. He could of brought me  my ski that was so far away, it really would have been easy for him. But I digress.

Since my goggles came off and got snow in them from the fall, they were impossible to see out of. Fortunately I wasn’t far from the bottom, so I skied my way down.

I chilled at a table at the bottom of the mountain next to the base chairlift till I met up with Caleb. I knew there was a small lump on my cheek from the fall, but I thought it was fine. I didn’t see a mirror till later. As Caleb skied towards me his eyes got big. Yup, I had a beautiful red mark on my cheek and a little blood under my lip. Classy. Also a little strange that no one pointed it out to me while I was sitting down there.

Anyway, Caleb bought me a  dark chocolate Reeses and made it all better. I was actually rather proud of my battle wound. It didn’t hurt, just looked rough. But I am now deterred from skiing that run on Crystal, not again for a good long while.

*Photos above taken by Caleb from the Mt. Rainier Gondola.


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