I Don’t Like Spaghetti

Sitting here in my living room, my husband and his brothers and friends are playing Halo. I’m on my laptop, surfing Smitten Kitchen and FoodGawker, and wanting to bake everything I see. Like Dutch Babies and Leek Toasts. When I was little, I remember being served Dutch Babies with some sort of lemon sauce I believe, or I may be getting my memories mixed up. Correct me Mom, if I’m wrong. But I definitely remember something like it.

Over the years, my tastes have changed. Up until age 5? 7? Maybe younger. Anyway, I didn’t eat cooked tomatoes. This ruled out spaghetti and pizza. Oh how I hated spaghetti and pizza. I remember being very stubborn about eating anything with a red sauce. White sauce ruled all, a.k.a. alfredo cheesy goodness. I’m not sure when or why, but my taste buds adjusted and I grew out of it. But not (or was it?) before I was spoiled by my oldest brother developing an allergy to tomatoes. Our taste buds aligned! Thus my mom started making pizza with a white garlic sauce, and my love for pizza with white sauce survives.

If you’re wondering, I like spaghetti nowadays. But I’ll never order it at a restaurant or make it at home. The closest I’ll get is homemade meatballs with alfredo sauce. But I’ll eat normal s’ghetti if served to me with no complaints.

The one thing I still have yet to grow into is oatmeal. I really, really wish I liked oatmeal. I try to like it. I eat a bowl every now and then, willing myself to enjoy it for the sake of my health. But no, I still reject it. It just tastes…odd. Sort of pukey to be honest. Even the smell gets to me. Not even obscene amounts of brown sugar will save it for me. Blech.

I welcome my oats in cookie form, thankyouverymuch.

I also don’t like green tea. My husband does. He also loves oatmeal. Lucky ducky. I shall just have to spend my days consuming green tea ice cream with oatmeal cookies sprinkled on top. Pretty sure it’s all healthier that way. Trust me.

Next time: My redemption as a performer and a big announcement (no I’m not pregnant).


One thought on “I Don’t Like Spaghetti

  1. Delishhh says:

    I am with you that your taste changes as you become an “adult” so many things i didn’t like before i love now. But a good spaghetti to me is heaven. I am not talking red sauce and meatballs here. Have you been to Spinasse? Fresh pasta with some awesome homemake ragu – just fantastic.

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