You Can’t Get Rid of Bruises

Eep! The Summer Student Show is in (*calculates*) four weeks.

Up until last Sunday, we had a total of 30 seconds choreographed out of 6 minutes. We meet once a week. You do the math.

I’m still feeling pretty iffy about it, but it’s starting to take shape. If you’ve seen Wicked, or read the book, you’ll be familiar with Elphaba (Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda (Good Witch of the East) and Dorothy.

There are four girls in the group, and we’ve decided on 2 Elphabas (for partner work), 1 Glinda, and 1 Dorothy. Guess who’s Dorothy? I consider it redemption, since I tried out for the role of Dorothy in the high school play in my sophomore year. The stage manager thought I was a good candidate, but the drama teacher was outright against it.

Well look who’s Dorothy now Mr. Drama Teacher!


Now prepare yourself for the gruesome truth that is aerial dancing. Behold, the weekly bruises.

Pretty, right? And these are both the same leg, about two weeks apart. The huge one in the pic above didn’t go away for at least a week. This does not bode well for shorts and swimsuit season.

I usually have these ring of bruises the day after my sling class, we wrap our legs pretty tightly a lot. The ones in this pic also got about 5 times darker the next day. Also, these pictures only show the front of my leg, you should see the backs of my knees from the trapeze. Oh glory. But as my instructor put it last week, “If you guys were afraid of the pain, you’d be long gone by now.”

True. Bring it on.

Now here’s a picture of a flower from our street, just so you know that there is still beauty in the world.

Which leads me into my gripe of the week, they destroyed all my blackberry bushes. Ok, they weren’t my blackberry bushes. But no one else picked any last year, thus I consider them mine. I still have a quart bag in the freezer of them. But they murdered them all. Now excuse me as I go mourn their loss while making smoothies with what’s left from last summer.


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Get Rid of Bruises

  1. Aunt Lex says:

    Have you tried applying ice or a cool cloth to the areas that came in contact with the ribbons as soon as you could? That might reduce the bruising.

  2. Chuck in China says:

    We will save blackberries in case you can’t find any onthe east coast.

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