Wicked Aerials

A few photos from my first aerial performance. I didn’t really get any great ones of me, still working on getting the video. The performance was to the song “Defying Gravity” from Wicked, which I now have heard more times than I could guess. It’s a great epic song.

I played the part of a flying monkey. My cohorts were Glinda the good witch and two Elphabas (the wicked witch). We had two wicked witches to represent two sides of her personality. And just because we could.

Above: Glinda and Elphaba on the lyra (hoop) on the left, Elphaba #2 and I on the right. I’m hanging from my feet in what we call a ‘bat hang’.

Above: Close-up version

Above: On the left is Elphaba #1 with the broom, on the Lyra is Glinda, top is me, and to the right is Elphaba #2. On the wall in the back there you can see the height markings. I usually don’t go above 20 feet, but we have 30 foot ceilings.

Above: My Elphabas.

*Pictures acquired from Aerial Nurse’s Facebook page.


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