A Kitten Named Walrus

Husband gave me a kitten!

His name is Walrus, he’s very small. His name is Walrus because, well, why not? He was chosen because he resembled the charming good looks of my brother’s cat that we love (below).

They are both Ragdolls, which  you may or may not have heard of. These Ragdoll cats behave very much like their name might suggest. You pick them up and they just sort of…hang. Our little Walrus doesn’t mind being held on his back or getting a belly rub. He doesn’t mind being draped over your shoulder. He is the epitome of chill.

He also sleeps a lot, naturally, as he expels his energy circulating the house at top speed every morning and evening. He’s also a low maintenance kitten, and by that I mean he takes more joy in a toilet paper roll than he does the the blue toy I bought him (2nd picture from the top). It’s the only toy I bought him, mostly for the cardboard scratching pad that’s built in.

Just look at those precious little feet! Who knew that I liked cats so much. Don’t get me wrong though, I am still a full-blooded dog person. No kitty could change that.


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