One of Caleb and I’s favorite places to visit on the weekends in Maryland is Annapolis. We both know it’s because it’s a water town, and we have a tendency towards water. But it’s more than that. It’s clean, unlike Baltimore. It’s touristy too, but not oppressively so. There does seem to be an obsession with crabs, but that’s true with pretty much all of Maryland.

We considered moving to Annapolis when we first arrived, but it was just a little too far from Caleb’s office. So we substitute by visiting nearly every weekend.

Whenever we visit Annapolis we tend to do the same activities. We visit the same restaurants and sit on the same benches around the marina. There’s this one little neighborhood dock, off of the main drag. It’s little more than a floating pallet with a small rowboat tied to it. It seems to be that street’s little taxi stop to paddle over to their yachts and sailing boats.

Yesterday there were countless Navy men in their dress whites wandering the streets. Not sure what was going on, Fleet Week? You’d think there would always be dressed up Navy-ites out in Annapolis, due to its proximity to the academy. But this is the first time we’ve seen them out all dressed up.

One thing to note about Annapolis, the predominant population are retired old folks, with Hawaiian shirts at the yacht club, and the slightly younger Navy folks. Very few others, save for tourist families, and us.

I’m also a fan of how all the buildings have quaint plaques announcing that it was built in such-and-such a year, or Frederick Douglas sat here. O.K. not quite that, but it feels like it. There are quite a few museums, and an excess boasting of what historical event happened in or around a particular building.

History, crabs and yachts – that’s Annapolis!


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