Bugger Off

We found this in our garage:

Isn’t it gross? It’s like a huge fly. Anyone know what it is? I want to call it a horsefly, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horsefly. Or is this what cicadas look like? Those cicada buggers are loud by the way. They just don’t make bugs like that in Washington. At least Western Washington.

I mean really, their bugs out here are just a little too healthy. Last week we had the sun roof open on the car and I felt something drop on my head. Turns out it was the biggest-hugest-most scary hornet/wasp/bee ever. 

No really, it was scary. And it couldn’t figure out how it got inside. Caleb is a tad bit allergic, and I’ve never been stung, so this little (big!) guy needed to get out. I opened my door (we were moving pretty slowly at that point, just turning into our parking lot) to shoo him out. He followed the right path a few moments later. Shudder. It was scarier than most spiders.

Clearly I am not meant for climates with such big insects.

On another note, Maryland is supposed to meet up with Hurricane Irene sometime this weekend. Some people say that the inland will see a little rain and low winds, others say it’ll be a little tropical storm, though if anyone wants to worry it’s coastal flooding. I’m guessing we won’t see much of it. The most I’ll see of it is ruining weekend plans, as it’s advised not to go towards the coast this weekend, naturally.

An earthquake and a hurricane in one week. Here I am, thinking there was less risk of a natural disaster over here. Ha.


10 thoughts on “Bugger Off

  1. E says:

    Definitely a cicada. I googled it and Google doesn’t lie.

  2. Ruth Barr says:

    Whatever it is, I want to know the camo pattern it chose. Very nice:) Let your husband show you how to loop a thread around the neck of a flying one. No batteries required.

  3. Chuck in China says:

    I love the camoflauge pattern. I even know the designer! Cheers

  4. I’m glad we don’t have flies that big here in Montana. It is pretty with all the color. I just don’t like bugs landing on me. Here I just have to watch for grizzly bears. What’s worse. Carry bear spray!

    • Carrie says:

      Mmmm, love Montana. I think I’d like to live in Montana on a lake than in Maryland. I’ll take my chances with the bears!

      • Come to Montana. I’ve never been to Maryland but would love too!
        We do have almost every kind of hornet, bee, and wasp here!
        Also just a few big beetles out in the woods.
        : )

        • Carrie says:

          I’ve only lived in MD for a few months, the east coast is nice for a visit but no bueno for living long term. West coast wins! I have a crazy fear of winged insects that sting, I guess the only place to go without those would be…Siberia?

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