Batten Down the Hatches!

Hurricane Irene is coming out way! Some say inland Maryland will just see a little rain and heavier winds. I can deal with that. I welcome that.

(Source) I’m approximately where there yellow circle is, so if Irene stays on this projected path it looks like I’ll be on the edge of it.

But then I was told my building’s particular location is at flood risk since apparently we’re downstream from a dam. Not a big risk, but a risk nonetheless. It also was disconcerting that the building management gave everyone an announcement page yesterday telling us to prepare our emergency kits and fill the bathtubs with water. They also are telling people to make sure they have flood insurance, I don’t have flood insurance. It takes 30 days to take effect apparently. But we’re renting so I guess the most that’s at risk that we are actually responsible for is our furniture. And the car, I forgot about the car.

I’m still not convinced that we’ll be seeing much of anything over here. The coast most likely will, there’s a mandatory evacuation in Ocean City. Now if I lived there I would understand, but we’re quite a ways away from the coast. Looking at the prediction maps for Irene, it should be nearly a Category 1 or a tropical storm by the time it makes it up here, which doesn’t sound all that bad. Of course, what does a West Coast girl know about hurricanes?

After Googling some more, I have discovered that the present building I am living in was damaged in the 1970s by Hurricane Agnes. Weather experts are likening Agnes to Irene. Eep! Let’s just hope it doesn’t flood around here, at least I’m not on the ground floor.

So either we’re just getting rain (which they say the rain we will get is unrelated to the hurricane, it’s coming from the west) or we’re getting rain and flooding and/or power outages.

The hurricane is supposed to be up around Maryland tomorrow night, though I’ve seen some predictions say that it’ll start raining at noon today. I see mostly blue, sunny skies out there right now, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Wish me luck with my first hurricane!

My hurricane survival kit: Brownies (if the power goes out I can’t use my stupid electric stove, if only I had a gas stove), wine, books and candles.


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