Psh, Hurricanes Shmurricanes

Hurricanes are easy-peasy. As long as you know, you aren’t too close the coast or anything. Or have your car squished by a tree.

It rained solid from noon on Saturday through Sunday morning/afternoon. The wind really hit around midnight, and we lost power shortly after. It was quite windy out there, enough to do this:

(Source: Nikki Gamer)

and this…

(Source: Brandie Jefferson)

…and this…

(Source: Brandie Jefferson)

So as you can see, tons of trees and power lines are down in my area. There was a huge tree that fell across the road, some power lines, and a guy’s car up the street. Other than all that and power outages, it went well around here. I think some people’s basements were flooded, and the trees shed all their branches and leaves on all of the roadways. It really wasn’t much worse than windstorms back in Washington, except this one may have been a little bit stronger.

We took refuge in a coffee shop near by, for the purpose of using the internet. We tried the local Starbucks, but it was as full as a U-District cafe during finals week. We drove around and tried another one that did happen to have wifi. Apparently coffee shops here don’t find wifi as important as cafes in Seattle, but whatever. They’ll learn.


One thought on “Psh, Hurricanes Shmurricanes

  1. jewel says:

    Thanks for sharing hope you can post more!

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