Flying off the Page

A long, long time ago I promised to post a video of my aerial acrobatics.

That day has arrived. This video is from my studio’s summer student showcase. It’s a group piece with 3 other carnies (above, and the woman with the red hair was our instructor). It has a lot going on (really, and the camera angle doesn’t do it any justice), and my airtime really isn’t much. But if you want a tiny taste, here it is.

The song is ‘Defying Gravity’ from the Wicked musical. I played the part of the Flying Monkey, though my make-up and costume came out like the Cowardly Lion. The other girls played Glinda and two Elphabas (the wicked witch).

Flying Off the Page: Wicked! from Beverly Sobelman on Vimeo.

“The project of a new Versatile Arts ‘Group Choreography’ class, this group of four ladies took on the book “Wicked” for our show in which every act was inspired by a literary work. Watch out for the flying monkey!”

My favorite part of the whole thing was at 4:00 minute mark, she let go. I completely trusted my partner not to lose her balance, but still.

I haven’t done aerials since then, hardly at all anyway. It’s been difficult to find a studio that is accessible to me in my area, though I have a good lead on one. Just trying to figure out transportation now. I’ll be back in the air soon enough. I plan on this being a lifelong hobby, it really is an awesome experience.

Note: If you have trouble playing the video, make sure the little HD button isn’t on.


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