Stink Bugs, and My Domesticated Walrus

Since moving to Maryland, I have been endlessly enthralled by three things: the weather, people, and bugs. Particularly bugs. They’re healthier here, much larger…and stinkier.

Stink Bug

The glorious stink bug. Caleb says they exist in Eastern WA, but I had never come across them before. About two months ago they slowly started appearing. The first time I saw one I thought perhaps it was a tiny cockroach, but Caleb informed me properly. So we set Walrus to attacking the stinkers.

It’s actually a house centipede in the picture, but it was his first kill. He was very pleased.

It goes like this, Walrus roars (tiny meow really) at it repeatedly while it crawls away. He hesitantly bats gently at it and tries to eat it, but naturally stink bugs taste terrible. This goes on for awhile until A) the stink bug gets away, which happens more often than not or B) Walrus eventually disables it enough with his gentle batting that it gives up and dies. Then Walrus struts around like he conquered a herd of New York City sewer rats armed with squirt guns.

The real score is more like:

Stink Bugs – 12

Walrus – 5

It’s sad. This animal is not fit for the outdoors, it would consume him. Barn cat he is not.

Lounge cat, he is.

Pretty sure this cat couldn’t hurt a flea, or rather, a stink bug.


One thought on “Stink Bugs, and My Domesticated Walrus

  1. Great deals with stink bugs. Appreciated it and it was of help too.

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