Hot, Spicy Shrimp

I picked up some lovely, lovely bay shrimp the other day. They were beautiful, and on sale, and I had this recipe for Shrimps with Scallions and Garlic in Chile Tamari Sauce. Before this I had never cooked with large shrimp before, let alone actually deshelled and deveined (or de-pooped them, as a more crass blogger might say, but I’m a lady) them.

You learn something new every day. So this is how to do it:

1. Take a paring knife and make a thin incision down the length of the shrimp between it’s little feet. Stop before the tail if you intend to leave that on, which is usually recommended.

2. Peel off the shell. Really, it comes right off. Just leave on the last section of shell by the tail if preferred.

3. Then dig around in that incision for the vein, it should be white and/or dark brown (because you know…it’s feces…yum, yum). Pull it right out.

How easy was that?  If you have some bay shrimp, I highly recommend the recipe linked above. It’s very spicy. I nixed the Thai chilis and halved the red pepper chili flakes too, it was still pretty spicy. I’m a wuss though. The only other changes I made was that I used soy sauce rather than tamari and added snow peas. Really, it was quite good, and fast to cook once the prep was done. Shrimp really do cook quickly.

Walrus vs. Walrus

In other news, I learned that Walrus is a Nebelung. We thought he was some sort of Ragdoll mix, but he is definitely a Nebelung. He has all the characteristics, particularly “relational” and “long”. He is my shadow when I move about the house, and he is quite long. Comically long. He’s just a pup and I think he’s over 2 feet in length(when we stretch him out), not including his tail. When he’s an adult I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to eat off of the kitchen counter, he’s pretty close already.

P.S. I apologize for all the pictures I post of Walrus, but I forget to bring my camera with me anywhere else. At least he is so darn, stinkin’ cute.

*I apologi


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