Eye Drops

I’m not a fan of eye drops. Aiming them just right, being careful not to blink. I always end up with more drops on my eye lids than my eye balls.

Naturally having eye surgery means *lots* of eye drops. Expensive eye drops. How on earth do they get away with charging over $100 for a teensy, tiny vial of eye drops (only enough for 5 days). This is ridiculous. Scandalous. Obnoxious.

For a few days before the surgery I have to use anti-inflammatory drops and some other drops that do something (prevent infections I think). After the the surgery I have to use normal eye drops nearly every hour, basically as often as I think of it. This will proceed for the foreseeable future. Yippee.

I’m going to be the eye drop ninja, y’all.

The surgery is tomorrow afternoon, and there may be quite a break before I post again. It depends on how fast my eyes heal. Laters!


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