There’s a New Barr in Town!

Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law who welcomed a new wee Barr into their family this week! We’re really happy for them, they’ve been mighty blessed. I don’t have any pictures, but looking at her parents I’m sure she’s about the prettiest baby you ever saw (hint to MIL to send me some!)

She’s a lucky one too, born in Germany. Can you say dual-citizenship winner?

BIL and SIL guessed that it would be a girl, they didn’t find out the sex beforehand (to my knowledge).

As this is the first offspring of Caleb’s siblings, we decided to send a grand gift. One that is impractical.

We sent a sword. A sword I tell you. Because that is what brothers give brothers. Actually it’s a very fitting gift if you know my BIL, really. It will more than likely get used as an actual toy some day. It’s not just any old sword either, it’s inscribed, “May your deeds of valor be remembered.” It’s a quote from a game Caleb and his brother played a lot when they were younger, and still play on occasion.

Don’t worry, baby won’t wield it any time soon. It’s not a sharpened sword either, but it is a real metal sword. We’ve planned on giving them this pretty much as soon as we found out they were expecting, whether it would be a boy or girl. Now that I know it’s a girl though, I might just be sending some cute girly things. Resistance is futile.

So excited for them, this child is so blessed to have them as parents!


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