Eight Times in Four Years

Eight. Eight times I have moved in the last four years. Prior to the last four years? Zero times.

But now I’m an expert. Which is a good thing since I’m about to complete move number nine. Yep, I’m returning to Seattle. The east coast proved to be lacking. As much as I loved the neighborhood we lived in (loved it really), it didn’t make up for the traffic and attitude of the area. We always wanted to try the east coast. Now we know it’s not for us.

So we’re fleeing, as it were. The pod will arrive tomorrow, the car is scheduled to ship and the plane tickets are bought. We even have the pet carrier for Walrus ready (of course Walrus is coming with us). He’ll be one of my carry-ons, just hoping he doesn’t get airsick on the way.

Currently more than half the house is packed, all I have left is the kitchen, living room and desk. We’re getting to be more minimalist with every move. I have a corner full of things to go to Goodwill, and we didn’t acquire all that much while we lived in Maryland. We already sold the futon and chair we bought while we were here. Ideally we’re moving with about the same exact amount of stuff that we moved here with, so that we know everything will fit in the pod. Hoping the day we move everything into the pod isn’t a rainy one. Though it would be fitting if there were a blizzard that day, last time we moved during a heat wave.

We’re planning one last trip to Annapolis on Monday, as long as the pod isn’t delivered too late. Annapolis was probably our favorite place in the area outside of where we lived. Then all of Tuesday will be dedicated to filling the pod.

Our goal after this move is to live in the same house for a much longer period of time, provided no enticing opportunities present themselves. We’ll see if that happens.


3 thoughts on “Eight Times in Four Years

  1. Brian Crouch says:

    Welcome back to Seattle/Pacific Northwest! Hope it’s a smooth move.

  2. Please stick around for a while this time. FOR ONCE in the last decade+ I would like you and I to live in the same town. Is this REALLY too much to ask?

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