Over the Sound and Across the Ferry Dock

We are moved in.

Move #9 is in the books. I’m about 90% unpacked with just a few boxes in the closet left, and planning on staying put as long as possible. No more cardboard, packing tape or bubble wrap thank you. Though we’re still a little empty on furniture, but hopefully filling that out a little more after the in-laws deliver a love seat next month. I am incredibly tired of moving. Since we found a nearly perfect apartment on Vashon, I’m pretty sure we can stick around for awhile.

Vashon Island is rural, bridge-less and beautiful. For those that don’t know, it’s an island a few miles off of the coast south of the Seattle area, accessible solely by ferry and private watercraft. It’s better described as being north of Tacoma. This means I get to commute to downtown Seattle via a passenger-only catamaran operated by King County.

The new view.

It’s amazing to live in such a quiet, remote location and being a 20 minute ferry ride from Seattle. Combined with the time it takes to get to the ferry terminal, it’s a shorter trip than from north Seattle to downtown. And zero traffic.

Caleb and I are so thankful to have a found a place to live here, for a fraction of the price of Seattle living. In addition our apartment is 15 feet from the water. I’m pretty sure I could cast a fishing line from my deck if I knew how to cast. I can tell that summertime is going to be just peachy. Come visit then!

Of course there are cons to island living. Power outages, water shortages and you’re marooned if the ferries are cancelled. Storms are going to be wild around these parts, especially our place since it’s rather exposed to the elements. Groceries can be more expensive, but not by much. There’s basically only two grocery stores on the island, but there’s a kickin’ farmers market I hear. But really, the Thriftway on the island is amazing. It is definitely not lacking in any type of grocery. It carries products I haven’t even found in the average grocery store in Seattle.

The good news is that Vashon will soon have a Thai restaurant (it is rather lacking in that area). It also has three wineries, a coffee roastery and a lone movie theater.

We’re hoping that we can pick up a cheap kayak off of Craigslist in the future and take day trips to Blake Island a few miles away. Full of dreams and I am still in the honeymoon phase, but we’re really eager to make a go of this Vashon thing. It really fulfills a lot of what we’ve been looking for in a place to live. We’ll see if I’m singing the same tune this summer when I lose running water regularly.


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