The Commuter Ferry

Seeing how we live on an island now and all, one might wonder how I get to work in downtown Seattle. One might also make the smart guess that the answer is a boat.

Let me introduce you to my trusty steed, the Melissa Ann.

The little catamaran that could. It launches off of the same dock as the state ferry, but is operated by King County. It goes directly from the north Vashon dock to downtown Seattle in 20 minutes, carrying up to 150 passengers to their mainland jobs.

It’s a beautiful commute, but the real treat is the trip home. After the water taxi passes the Alki lighthouse in West Seattle, you’re thrust out into more open waters and you know that you’re not far from Vashon. It’s just such a calming way to travel home after a day at work. I’d rather brace myself against the bumpy waves than endure the discomfort that is the city bus.

Of course traveling peacefully by boat every day comes with its drawbacks. If the water is too choppy, that boat ain’t sailing. If this happens, or if you miss the last sailing, you have to schlep yourself to West Seattle to catch the state ferry. It runs late and can endure worse weather than the Melissa Ann.

For instance, on Friday the captain announced that it would be a bumpy ride, but we would make it. The waves really didn’t look so bad, but about midway through the ride, it did get a bit sloshy and the trip took slightly longer. The crew is fantastic, and make the ride more than pleasant. So thankful that this is a part of my day.

In other news, we have observed some wildlife in the water outside our home. A sea otter (Potter the Otter) and a lovely sea lion (Scooter the Sea Lion).

Potter the Otter headed to his lair with some tasty lunch.

On sunny days we have some hummingbirds that hang out here too, thinking about naming them Hansel and Gretal (seeing as they like sugar water and all). In addition to all that, there are also 2 Canadian geese that go by the name Fred and Ethel (named by the neighbors). Something about the names Fred and Ethel are particularly suited to birds, there used to be 2 peacocks that lived on my parents’ property that also went by those names.

Next on my to do list today is to make a pineapple upside down cake to give to one of my neighbors. She was so kind to make us a delicious chocolate bundt cake to welcome us to the neighborhood, so I am returning her plate with a cake as well. Seems like the thing to do. I think I’m going to make this recipe. I think the coconut milk will be a great addition!


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