I’ve seen whales. During my regular daily commute. WHALES.

Get me my harpoon!

I joke, I kid.

Last Friday on my way to work, trolling along at a nice clip on the Melissa Ann, I saw a pod of orcas. We were less than 10 minutes into our 22 minute trip and the boat slowed way down, interrupting my reading. I looked up just as Captain Dan came on the intercom and announced that there was a pod of orcas off of the bow (side note: I now know where the bow is).

Commence everyone crowding to the front of the boat. Behold, there were whales. Just swimmin’ along, minding their business. We stuck around for a few minutes. Honestly, who cares about being late to work when there are whales to watch?

Not me, that’s who. I actually almost missed my bus, but all was well.

If you haven’t guessed already, all I can seem to talk about now is Vashon. If you lived here you would understand. When I’m not luxuriating on my floating rock, I am otherwise working at my new job, which I am really enjoying.

This last weekend my brother-in-law stayed over. It was a grand time. On Saturday morning I made this crepe recipe, filling some of the crepes with raspberry jam and other with a blueberry coulis. I really recommend this crepe recipe, it’s practically fool-proof. I even made it using my cast iron skillet and coconut oil, which worked beautifully. Letting it sit for an hour at room temperature is important, don’t skip that step!

In the future I’d like to try some savory crepes. Caleb and I used to frequent a place on Queen Anne (Citizen Cafe) that makes really yummy savory crepes. I hope I can imitate them.

As for the next time I make sweet crepes, I am going to fill them with strawberries and nutella. The day I moved out of my college dorm, Caleb brought me one. It was very sweet of him. 😉


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