The Vashon 60 Second Film Festival

So busy.This week has been rather crazy at work, and of course that’s combined with an utter feeling of sickness. In addition, the weather this week has been rather dreary. It hasn’t been the worst, but definitely not the greatest. Hoping I feel more spry soon.

Last weekend was beautiful here on the rock. Last Saturday Caleb and I went to the Vashon 60 Second Film Festival. It was free. With free wine from the Andrew Will Winery (from Vashon) and free chocolate from Theo Chocolates. I was very enthusiastic about the emphasis on free this event had.

The meat of the event was thirty-one 60 second videos from around the world and from locals. It ranged from a video of a man reciting The Jabberwockey to several beautiful landscape videos to short skits. You can watch all of the videos from the festival here. Some are a bit longer or shorter than 60 seconds. But Vashonians don’t worry themselves with details like that. Some of my favorites were A New Bike, It’s a Peep-erful Life, and Anna’s Hummingbird Feeding.

I love the Vashon Movie Theater. It has such a wonderfully homegrown feeling, and the audience is rather vocal, in a good way. Not to mention the concessions are much cheaper than on the mainland and the popcorn has real butter. I think I already told you guys all this, but I really love it that much.

It becomes clearer by the day that I like being isolated from the business of Seattle and people. My parents told me it would happen. I resisted.

But Vashon has broken me, oh my dear island.


The above photo was taken by a Vashon friend I met via Twitter. That’s West Seattle on the left, Port Orchard on the right, and Vashon in between those two. Tacoma is in the far background behind the island. Looks so small, right?

Now, it’s not that I don’t like people. I just don’t like too many of them, too close, too often. I like my space, and I think a 22-minute ferry ride to downtown Seattle is the perfect distance between me and the big city!


One thought on “The Vashon 60 Second Film Festival

  1. Thanks for this most excellent write up on the film festival.

    I hope you were able to make it this year as well! Some of your favorite filmmakers had films screened again.

    Here is the link to the 2012 and 2013 films:


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