Who’s Who?

I’m a sci fi nerdlette. I am. I grew up watching Star Wars, Star Trek (even while I write this), and Dr. Who. Mind you that’s the old Dr. Who, before the BBC got all fancy shmancy on us and stopped using the same set for everything. And Tom Baker, my favorite Time Lord. This article hits pretty close to my feelings about Tom Baker vs. David Tennant.

Yeah, Time Lords, Daleks, Vulcans, and Wookies. I got it all.
On a side note, it makes me mad that they turned Dr. Who into this frightening sort of show that I would have been terrified of to watch at the age I started watching the old Who. Even now I rarely watch the new show. CGI is great and all, but that’s not why I watch Who. But gotta keep with the times. I even heard chatter about having the Doctor regenerate as a female. WHAT?! But I digress.
I realize that no one who reads this blog will ever care. But that’s why my blog is about memoirs. And venting. Everyone needs an outlet.

Currently I am working on watching every episode (178) of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Yeah, yeah you heard me. Little miss trekkie over here. TNG is by far the best series of Star Trek. Anyone who tells me that Picard wasn’t the best captain is daft. Kirk was great and all, but I’m sorry, the first season of Star Trek was just a little too hokey. Sure it was charming, but it definitely was the stage of Star Trek where it just showed “potential“. Leonard Nimoy (Spock), of course was amazing/fantastic/awesome. But Kirk was running off with green-skinned women so often that it got a little ridiculous. Sure Riker gets a little rambunctious on TNG, but it’s not so bad.

Picard is where it’s at y’all. He’s classy.

While we’re at it: Han Solo > Luke Skywalker

And as I rant about this, I have Lemon-Blueberry Bread in the oven. Aren’t I a catch. 😉


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