Liquor, Liquor Everywhere…

As of yesterday, the new privatization of liquor law in Washington went into effect. Cue crazy long lines and empty liquor shelves at every 10,000+ sq. ft. grocery store carrying liquor as Washington gets its drink on sans-government control.

Personally, I don’t really drink liquor. It’s place in my kitchen is in travel-sized bottles meant for baking. Alright, peppermint schnapps in the winter for my hot chocolate too. But that’s it.

Even though I’m not exactly the prize purchaser of vodka (…have I ever bought  vodka?), I still voted for the freedom of liquor. I don’t exactly care for the state to be in charge of the distribution of any product. Most people I know voted yes on the initiative, but now many of them are showing their ignorance by complaining about the increase in cost of of their favorite booze.

Guys. Get a grip. How did you not know this when you voted? Besides that, I would much rather pay the tax on a product than have to go to a state-controlled venue. Think of it as a convenience tax, which it basically is.

Maryland is also hung up on some liquor laws, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to fix it anytime soon. In Maryland you can’t buy any alcohol except from a designated private (non-government) liquor store. Ridiculous. Alcohol there is also much more expensive. Cheap wine in Washington is roughly $5. In Maryland it was twice that for the exact same bottle. How on earth does not carrying wine in a grocery store help the consumer? Or even the state? Their liquor stores were also disgusting, all of them. Always really cramped. I think I only saw one specialty store that wasn’t so bad.

Anyway, that’s my rant of the day. Time to go back outside and enjoy that sunshine!



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