Chocolate Covered List

How to Be a Morning Person

Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls

Top 10 Foods That Are Always in My Kitchen New!

Top 10 Uses for Turkey Leftovers–That isn’t a Casserole

You Know You’re a Seattelite if…

What I Learned This Week (Highlight: Trampoline Gyms)

Some Food Shouldn’t Be Canned

Fun Links (Giant Jellyfish, Carved Veggies, and Wall-E Sandwiches)

The Events of 2009

Christmas 2009

11 Dishes for Valentine’s Day (Delicious photos)

My At-Work Tunes List (new!)


An Excerpt of my Ultimate To-Do List

  • -Stomp grapes.
  • -Get a stuffed Cheburashka.
  • -Practice skiing.
  • -Grow lilies.
  • -Swim with dolphins.
  • -Go on a biking trip in the San Juan Islands again.
  • -Learn to ice skate well.
  • -Play oboe again. And violin. I love violins.
  • -Learn Spanish {In progress.} and Italian fluently, French and Russian can come too. Arabic? Big ambitions.
  • Go to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Read about the adventure.
  • -Learn to make yogurt.
  • -Travel all over the world. Yes, all of it. Even Antarctica.

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